Saturday, August 30, 2008

Look Ma! I'm in a BOX!?

Nugs recently discovered the box of our new purchase (a carpet steam cleaner!) and has had a lot of fun playing in it. She mostly enjoys when I slide halfway in and tickle her...
but that is another story.
So here she is, just chillin in a box with her sippy, silky, and a pumpkin necklace. Weird

(ps... pumpkin necklace is totally awesome and it is really a bell and she sleeps with it at night and she loves it and wears it all day long)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Favorite

This is Ryann's new favorite spot to watch Tarzan... she gets up here all by herself and stomps around until Rich or I notice her and laugh. She thinks it is great.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

American idol?

Look at my little DIVA!


Now here is one of those pictures where I want you to post comments on what you think is going on in her little head.... what is Ryann thinking while doing this?

Monday, August 25, 2008

action shot

Don't you just love this action shot? Haha. The color is a little weird, but look at that girl run... Man she looks fast!
Thanks for the outfit Devy! The shorts totally fit and it is so cute~

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ryan thinks all food is a little bit better with "Dip"
I decided to try out what dip she likes better:
Honey Mustard

By the way...
She hates honey mustard
and she Loves
This picture on the right is when we actually tell her to smile... she scrunches up her nose and flashes her cheesy grin. I love it!
P.S. if you love the plate Ryann is eating off of (which I absolutely adore!) Then check it out at or find it at babies R us.

Friday, August 22, 2008

FlashBack Friday

Haha... I couldn't help myself. Since I posted a picture of Rich and Zach earlier this week, I thought a flashback of a couple years ago would be nice. This would be Zach 3 years ago! Isn't he a cute little 14 year old?
Rich looks exactly the same, so no big deal, but Zach sure looks different.
This is at Disneyland when we went in 2005 with the Wagner family.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to 30 years!

So Mom and Dad, I know this is a few days late, but I wanted to let you know how much I love you and how happy I am that you have been happily married for the past 30 years! Here are some reasons why I love every part of this wonderful family who helps make us whole.

First is Grandma and Grandpa Wagner. I love them for so many things. They not only taught dad the power of hard work and integrity, but they raised him to seek out the truth in all things. I am so blessed to have lived close to them growing up and they especially made it fun to always let us come over and have frozen cookies... yummm....

Then there is Grandma and Grandpa Cochran. I do appreciate the tall genes (thanks gramps!) but more importantly I appreciate the way my mother was raised. She was taught to get a good education and she was given the freedom to seek out whatever religion she wanted. While Grandpa and Grandma have missed the few LDS temple weddings I still know that they love us and support us in all we do. Thanks!

Oldest to youngest I guess... haha! I appreciate how willingly my parents accepted Rich into the family. All he had to do was fix a dryer and he was a shoe in! I also love that they will allow him to steal me away to Arizona with their only granddaughter and not have too much bitterness towards him!

And Ashley is next (sweet picture)- I love how well my parents raised thier oldest daughter. She was taught to work hard and if she did then she would acheive great things... and she has! I also love that she is now a labor and delivery nurse and has joined all the hot conversations with dad and me.

Katie (aslo a sweet picture)- mom and dad sure got lucky when Cory found her. She is the easy going one of the bunch who keeps us all sane. It was wonderful to have her help for Devyn's wedding. She made sure that things were done early on so there wasn't panic on wedding day... definately not the wagner way!

I am sure glad that my parent's first son was Cory- he is so sweet and kind. My parents have also taught him the value of hard work. He is smart and excellent in what he does. He is very thoughtful--- although I am not sure if that is katie or not (just kidding). He always makes sure that people are included and no one is forgotten. He is a son that any parent and I am sure mine are very proud of.

Ron- is not only a great dad but a fun son-in law for my parents. He is so kind to Ashley and while it might have taken some time to feel like a part of the family (come on--- we didn't even get to go to the wedding!) He has quickly come to be a part we can't live without. Thanks for having such a sweet little boy who can brighten up Grandma and Grandpa's day!

Brittani- Here I am... I think my only claim to fame is that I have the sweetest baby girl... good thing though, because living in Arizona doesn't attract the parents enough, but having a baby sure will get them out here! I love my parents and they have been the best example to me all my life. I do believe that I am the mother that I am because of what a great mother I have. I love the relationship I have with both my parents and I am especially happy that I can talk to them at anytime and about anything. Thanks for always picking up my phone calls!

Erin- I apologize about some of these pictures, but if Rich is taking your picture it is hard to smile and take him seriously! I know that my parents, believe it or not, have rubbed off quite a bit on Erin. I know the legal profession isn't quite the medical field, but they taught her to work hard and do your best and she always has! She has a great sense of humor that I don't think she picked up from either of them, because face it... dad isn't as funny as he thinks he is! She has confidence that I know she couldn't have developed without a family like ours. Thanks for being such a great sister and a daughter that our parents can be proud of.

Then comes the new Mr. and Mrs. (jason and devyn)- in that age order. My parents have quickly accepted Jason into this family at lightening paced speed--- but growing up with his dad probably made that a little easier--- however, I know he will be another great son in law to add to the bunch and I know that my parents are sure glad they only have one more wedding to pay for! I also know that Devyn has her sweet and giving heart from my mother. My mom will do anything she can for anyone and devyn definately has that quality. I know that Devyn's happiness has only made my parents happier and they especially love Jason for that.

Zach- I think they saved the best for last... The shining star, the pride and joy! haha. Even though Zach doesn't ever do the dishes I believe my parents will truly miss him when he leaves for college next year. You never know, they might relocate to the dorms to be close to him. Zach is a joy and such a sweet son-- I think they deserved him after all the hard work they went through with the rest of us!

Ethan and Ryann- wait, I was wrong... I do believe my parents might have traded all of us for the grandkids! I am so glad that through these years both Ethan and Ryann have been able to get to know and build relationships with their grandparents. Both parents are smitten by these little charmers and my mom can't help but buy a new outfit for them every month or so. We sure love her for that.

And finally I just wanted to once again wish both my mom and dad a happy and wonderful 30th aniversary and many, many more to come!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Don't Know What To Say...

I wish I knew what to say about this picture... but I don't. I believe it speaks for itself. The problem is, I am not sure what these cute men (Rich and my brother Zach) are trying to say. Any guesses?
Another picture that I am sure Devyn will love! haha. She is the cute one on the left!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Ashy" and "Ethan"

This past weekend Ryann started idenifying aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins! She can very clearly say "Ashy" (for aunt ashley) and the "ethan" is not quite so clear, but she loves her cousin ethan!
Doesn't Ethan look handsome in his tux and bow tie?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Girl

Look at my big girl sitting with big kids for the wedding luncheon.
Wait, is she eating CrAyoNs?
Yes. Yes she is.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home and trying to recover.
I have so many pictures to post but since I have to run to church I figured I would post just one.
This sums up the entire weekend.
It was a blast and Nugs was definately worn out.
She also cut another tooth this weekend and that added to the fun!

Congratualtions Mr and Mrs Pickett! We love you and Nugs already misses you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Are Off!

Off we go tomorrow morning for the festivities! My little sister Devyn is marrying her sweetheart Jason in the Oakland, LDS temple on Friday. I am so excited for her! So as a Groomsman, Bridesmaid, and a Flower girl... we better be there!

I also wanted to mention how proud I am of my little sister. She moved in with us last summer and spent a lot of time "soul searching". It is amazing to see the growth and change in her life. She has discovered who she really is and what is really important to her in life. I know that she will make a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother some day. The joy and outlook she now has on life is inspirational. I love her honesty and how she doesn't watch life go by. She takes life for all it is worth and does that with her eyes looking towards eternity. She is determined and goal oriented with such a passion that I would never want to be the one to step in her way. Her transformation has made her a rock. She is strong in her convictions and she knows what is right. Thanks Devy for the phone calls and the constant support to me in this ever struggling world of mine! I love you and I am so proud of you. Thank you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Learning to Climb

Yeah, I know most kids can already climb at 1 1/2 years old... but here is my little nugget learning to climb. She can climb on the recliner all by herself and today she learned how to get on the coffee table. Not sure what this new skill means, but we will just have to wait and see!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scooter Time

We went over to a friends house tonight and their two kids are older than Ryann. This means she found lots of "big kid" toys. Fun for her... tiring for mom and dad! Here is a picture of her riding on a scooter--- with dad pushing her all over the place.

Friday, August 8, 2008

FlashBack Friday!

This is one of the only pictures I have with Rich's Grandfather. I like to think we were "bestest buds". Here we are switching watches. He has the old black leather one and I made him wear my pink leather one. He was always a good sport and we could always make each other laugh.
For the few short years we knew each other we made some amazing memories. He was almost constantly trying to pretend he was mad at me for one reason or another... usually for falling asleep at the most random times... like in the airport when we was trying to pick me up... or like half way on the couch cause I couldn't make it to the bedroom. He was an amazing man that I admire a ton! Here is a flashback to you Grandpa Kevern!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mommy and Me

I thought about using one of those "look-a-like meters" on the blog to see who Nugs looks more like... but this picture works just as well. As you can see we have the same nose and same mouth. We have the same ears and I think she has more of Rich's face shape... but here they look similar. Anyway, ignore my hair because I didn't do it this morning. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Tag?!?!

A friend of a friend had this "house tag" on her blog and I thought it might be fun to do something different. So the rules were that you can't clean or fix any of these pictures when you do the tag.

1st Picture: My Favorite Pair of Shoes

These are my current favorite pair of shoes. I got them in Napa when I was back for the reunion and I wish I would have boughten another color! Especially since they were only 14$!

2nd Picture: The room where we spend the most time as a family

I was actually pretty surprised with how "clean" (its all relative) that this room was when I took the picture. Hopefully someday we will be able to mount the TV on the wall, especially since Ryann can almost get her cute little fingers on the screen. It is only a month or so away until we have finger prints all over the TV. But this is the room where all of Ryann's toys are.

3rd Picture: My closet
You really can't see all of it, but it is a mess as well

4th Picture: The kitchen sink

After I took this picture I made rich finish the dishes!

5th picture: Toilet
So this is actually Ryann's toilet... if you couldn't figure that out yourself... pretty cute huh? We practice sitting on it every night before bath time. Check it out at I love it!

6th Picture: The Fridge

Yes, we are obsessed with our daughter.

7th Picture: The laundry room

This is where we collect all of the things we are about to give away to charity... So this piles up every month or two before we actually donate things.

8th Picture: Where Nugs is right now

Ryann's cute room... she is sleeping right now and I love her!

So I tag anyone else who wants to do this post... I would love to see your houses!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My mommy lets me drink soda pop!

Not the best picture, but I took it with my cell phone. We took Nugs out to lunch and she insisted that she had her own drink with her own big girl straw. She did great and we all had a fun time. Some days I am really glad she doesn't talk much yet, because if she was already asking for things, "soda pop," "chicken nuggets," and "fruit snacks" would all be at the top of her list
--I am sure.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Dad can fix ANYTHING... and So can I!

My two favorite people... Rich was doing a mass fixing of doornobs today (you know... the ones that squeak, you have to jiggle to get out, or you can only turn one way to let your guests out of the house...) and Ryann was feeling left out. Rich got her a small screwdriver but she really wanted to use the big one so she could really help out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flash Back Friday!

In honor of Uncle Zach I decided to post this picture that he "altered". Uncle Zach had his wisdom teeth removed this week and in his post op medication stupor he actually spent an entire full minute talking to Ryann on the phone. It wasn't until I heard him yelling, "Brittani" that I realized that she had called him. It was pretty funny. But maybe you had to be there...
To highlight these "alterations" to make Ryann look sooo much cooler we have:

1. A Harry Potter Wand

2. A Samari Sword

3. A Ninja head band

4. A Nacho Libre moustache

5. Awesome purple hair

6. A Bert (from sesame street) uni-brow