Sunday, June 22, 2008

Church... Once again

So Rich and I were talking today about how when you have a toddler, church can be a chore! You go, sit with a whining toddler for 1 hour while shoving snacks in her mouth so she doesn't scream while someone is talking.

Then hour 2 comes. She isn't old enough to play with the big kids in nursery, so I try to contain her in a classroom with 15 other people and I try to learn. But I don't. I get excited if I even get the gist of the lesson. (today it was on Alma and being a missionary! YES!) But this I learned while running in and out of the classroom and chasing nuggy up and down the hall.
Hour 3 doesn't come soon enough. She is tired so she will snuggle for just a little bit. But then we loose the beloved "silky" somewhere at church (second one we lost this week) and snuggle time is gone without the silky. So back to the drinking fountain we go so that she can once again get water all down her dress and on her face (never in her mouth).

Then if Rich is available and doesn't have to play the piano I get a much needed break of about 15 minutes before church is over. And then it is over.

What did I learn today? Patience.