Friday, March 16, 2012

Late-Over Make-Over

Ryann went to a birthday party for a friend where they had make overs! It was a "late-over" which meant it was past her bedtime, but not a slumber party. We didn't have time to feed her dinner before she went, but she was okay with that. I asked her what she ate for dinner and she said, "jelly beans, cotton candy, strawberries, orange juice, candy eggs, and more treats. It was the best dinner ever."
Of course it was the best dinner ever!! She got her toe nails painted and she got her hair styled. She wouldn't take a picture looking at me because she wanted to make sure I got a picture of her princess hair.
She is so cute looking all sassy and grown up.

(they all wore their pj's to the party!)

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Devyn Pickett said...

Too cute!!! That is an awesome bday party idea- tell ryry auntie Devyn can do princes hair for her anytime!!