Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love Me My crazy wild silly frustrating Girls

Oh these girls are starting to LOVE playing with each other. When I say love I mean like a love-hate relationship.

This week we have talked a lot about "ignoring each other"
"not copying each other"
"not fighting each other"
"listening to each other"
"stop talking to each other"
and the usual "sharing with each other"

They have tested and tried every bit of patience because we can't spend as much time playing while we are trying to unpack. However, they do seem to spend most of the time happy playing with each other.
I found them like this today- trying to play "superman"

And as I am typing this I just had to say, "Stop spitting on each other"


Heather said...

i'm having flashbacks of you and erin, say, 20ish years ago... :) holy cow. 20 years?! are we that old?!

Anonymous said...

Hey who is playing on Grandma's bed??? Looks like fun to me!!!