Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to 30 years!

So Mom and Dad, I know this is a few days late, but I wanted to let you know how much I love you and how happy I am that you have been happily married for the past 30 years! Here are some reasons why I love every part of this wonderful family who helps make us whole.

First is Grandma and Grandpa Wagner. I love them for so many things. They not only taught dad the power of hard work and integrity, but they raised him to seek out the truth in all things. I am so blessed to have lived close to them growing up and they especially made it fun to always let us come over and have frozen cookies... yummm....

Then there is Grandma and Grandpa Cochran. I do appreciate the tall genes (thanks gramps!) but more importantly I appreciate the way my mother was raised. She was taught to get a good education and she was given the freedom to seek out whatever religion she wanted. While Grandpa and Grandma have missed the few LDS temple weddings I still know that they love us and support us in all we do. Thanks!

Oldest to youngest I guess... haha! I appreciate how willingly my parents accepted Rich into the family. All he had to do was fix a dryer and he was a shoe in! I also love that they will allow him to steal me away to Arizona with their only granddaughter and not have too much bitterness towards him!

And Ashley is next (sweet picture)- I love how well my parents raised thier oldest daughter. She was taught to work hard and if she did then she would acheive great things... and she has! I also love that she is now a labor and delivery nurse and has joined all the hot conversations with dad and me.

Katie (aslo a sweet picture)- mom and dad sure got lucky when Cory found her. She is the easy going one of the bunch who keeps us all sane. It was wonderful to have her help for Devyn's wedding. She made sure that things were done early on so there wasn't panic on wedding day... definately not the wagner way!

I am sure glad that my parent's first son was Cory- he is so sweet and kind. My parents have also taught him the value of hard work. He is smart and excellent in what he does. He is very thoughtful--- although I am not sure if that is katie or not (just kidding). He always makes sure that people are included and no one is forgotten. He is a son that any parent and I am sure mine are very proud of.

Ron- is not only a great dad but a fun son-in law for my parents. He is so kind to Ashley and while it might have taken some time to feel like a part of the family (come on--- we didn't even get to go to the wedding!) He has quickly come to be a part we can't live without. Thanks for having such a sweet little boy who can brighten up Grandma and Grandpa's day!

Brittani- Here I am... I think my only claim to fame is that I have the sweetest baby girl... good thing though, because living in Arizona doesn't attract the parents enough, but having a baby sure will get them out here! I love my parents and they have been the best example to me all my life. I do believe that I am the mother that I am because of what a great mother I have. I love the relationship I have with both my parents and I am especially happy that I can talk to them at anytime and about anything. Thanks for always picking up my phone calls!

Erin- I apologize about some of these pictures, but if Rich is taking your picture it is hard to smile and take him seriously! I know that my parents, believe it or not, have rubbed off quite a bit on Erin. I know the legal profession isn't quite the medical field, but they taught her to work hard and do your best and she always has! She has a great sense of humor that I don't think she picked up from either of them, because face it... dad isn't as funny as he thinks he is! She has confidence that I know she couldn't have developed without a family like ours. Thanks for being such a great sister and a daughter that our parents can be proud of.

Then comes the new Mr. and Mrs. (jason and devyn)- in that age order. My parents have quickly accepted Jason into this family at lightening paced speed--- but growing up with his dad probably made that a little easier--- however, I know he will be another great son in law to add to the bunch and I know that my parents are sure glad they only have one more wedding to pay for! I also know that Devyn has her sweet and giving heart from my mother. My mom will do anything she can for anyone and devyn definately has that quality. I know that Devyn's happiness has only made my parents happier and they especially love Jason for that.

Zach- I think they saved the best for last... The shining star, the pride and joy! haha. Even though Zach doesn't ever do the dishes I believe my parents will truly miss him when he leaves for college next year. You never know, they might relocate to the dorms to be close to him. Zach is a joy and such a sweet son-- I think they deserved him after all the hard work they went through with the rest of us!

Ethan and Ryann- wait, I was wrong... I do believe my parents might have traded all of us for the grandkids! I am so glad that through these years both Ethan and Ryann have been able to get to know and build relationships with their grandparents. Both parents are smitten by these little charmers and my mom can't help but buy a new outfit for them every month or so. We sure love her for that.

And finally I just wanted to once again wish both my mom and dad a happy and wonderful 30th aniversary and many, many more to come!

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