Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Are Off!

Off we go tomorrow morning for the festivities! My little sister Devyn is marrying her sweetheart Jason in the Oakland, LDS temple on Friday. I am so excited for her! So as a Groomsman, Bridesmaid, and a Flower girl... we better be there!

I also wanted to mention how proud I am of my little sister. She moved in with us last summer and spent a lot of time "soul searching". It is amazing to see the growth and change in her life. She has discovered who she really is and what is really important to her in life. I know that she will make a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother some day. The joy and outlook she now has on life is inspirational. I love her honesty and how she doesn't watch life go by. She takes life for all it is worth and does that with her eyes looking towards eternity. She is determined and goal oriented with such a passion that I would never want to be the one to step in her way. Her transformation has made her a rock. She is strong in her convictions and she knows what is right. Thanks Devy for the phone calls and the constant support to me in this ever struggling world of mine! I love you and I am so proud of you. Thank you.

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Jason&Devyn said...

Thanks britti! I love you!