Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before we start Potty Training

There are quite a number of things we need to teach Nugs before we can potty train her
(eons of time before we are out of diapers)
**The first being to remove your pants before you wipe**
(she actually grabbed some toilet paper and is "wiping" here)
**Second- you must never leave a baby lying face down on the toilet**
**Third- do NOT take the toilet paper with you after you wipe- leave it in the toilet****Fourth- please wash your hands before grabbing the baby by the face and walking away**
(She does close the lid when she is through... thanks Nugs)I love this girl.


Erin said...

HAHAHAHA. Is this staged or actually true? Ms. Nuggs. I love it. I hope by the time she gets here on November 1 that she will be able to properly use my toilet. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ANd if she cant please bring her to Gramma's house!

The Bellyakers... said...

I giggled out loud at this one! So glad it's you-- not me-- doing potty training! Got to be one of my top ten least favorite things to do!!