Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talking Frustration

As many of you know, Ryann does a lot of babbling but not much actual talking. She is normally okay with this.... you know, the parents not understanding anything she is saying. This has led her to become quite independent and she usually just does whatever she wants to do.

Well recently she was in her room and I heard her crying. Not hurt crying, not mad crying, but "mom I need help" crying. So I go into her room and she is partially under her crib, reaching for something. I start looking around- pulling things out as I find them.

Now she starts to get frustrated. This is one of the first times I realize she is upset that I am not helping her to find what she needs because I cannot understand her. So I grab a flashlight to look harder. We search and search and finally Ryann takes the flashlight and leaves the room.

She eventually got tired of my severe incompetence and thought the flashlight was better than the frustration. Leaving me baffled and looking at how messy it really is underneath her crib.

Nug's mother is not only incompetent in finding lost toys/silkies/books under the bed, but she obviously can't keep her child clothed or her hair neat... don't judge me :)

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Erin said...

Aaahhh messy Mommy! ;)
So, you still not gonna bring her? Guess I'll have to wait for Thanksgiving!! Can't wait to see you in FOUR days!

ps the word verification to leave a post is "frostin" MMMMM