Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Decorations

I don't have many Halloween decorations so I decided to make my own this year! Here is a picture at the request of my mommy!

I took mini pumpkins and painted them with elmers glue. I then sprinkled glitter all over them and waited about an hour for them to totally dry. After this I painted the stems brown. My favorite are the ones with the orange glitter and the clear glitter. I made the jack-o-lantern with black glitter that I sprinkled on the face area I made with paint... then after that dried an hour or so I painted the rest with glue and glittered that.

This was a fun project but it had the potential for making a huge mess!

(like when you do this with your YW... guaranteed mess)

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Anonymous said...

BrittiKay--those are so cute!!