Friday, October 17, 2008

Going Green

Call me "CRAZY" but I have purchased my first 2 pairs of reusable diapers. After lots and lots of research I thought I had put the reusable diaper hunt on the back burner. However, I already decided that BumGenius were definately the way to go once I decided to make the big switch.

Today I went to target and "OMG" (oh my gosh) BumGenius Diapers are on the end of the aisle! It is a sign. Today, I am going green.
Cutest Bum in the world!!!
However, they are kind of expensive... so I will slowly purchase them and build up my supply... and in the mean time I will continue to contaminate the earth and use the entire costco box of huggies.
I don't care what others say. I am excited, I am going green, and they are so darn cute! It makes it nice that they also fit babys from 7-35 lbs so I will never have to carry different size diapers in the diaper bag when nugget #2 comes along.
So many positives that I could go on for days. I just need to figure out how to get these at wholesale price...

Where is Nugs!?


Erin said...

awww YAAAYY!! Good luck with this! She is so freakin' butt!

Kreg and Anna said...

I envy u for venturing...I dont think I would know the first thing about cloth diapers/do I want to know?? Maybe if you enlightened me I would be so inclined to venture!