Saturday, February 5, 2011

All About Choices

I don't know the right way to parent. I never claim that I do. I basically pick and choose my battles. After it is all said and done I look back at it and say, "Hey- it is all about choices." I guess after the fact I can look back and say that I am teaching my children how to make choices. I support the good ones, discourage the bad ones, and throw my hands up in the air for the choices that don't really make a difference.

These choices are what help our children learn who they are... right?

At least this is what I tell myself when Ryann chooses to wear a beanie and scarf to bed... and then when she decides to sleep in the pack-n-play instead of her bed, with a bowl of cheerios, superman blanket, and her baby doll that she now calls "Baby Jesus."
I think when Ryann gets up from her nap today I will encourage her to find a new name for her baby. Sure, it is kind of cute, because she makes me "swaddle" him... but I think it would be more appropriate for when we are in public- calling the baby Olivia or Jane or even Mary.


Erin and Zach said...

hahahahahahahahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while ;)

OOhhh ryry; kids say and do the darndest things

The Bellyakers... said...

Funny, funny funny post...

Kristen Kohler said...

I love this post!!!