Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Fridge Raider

Ryann has learned how to pour her own milk, into a sippy cup. I am not sure if she is spilling or not because we never catch her doing it. If she is- then she cleans it up really well.

Since we haven't caught her- here is what we are guessing is happening.

There are just signs that she is doing it.
Like open cabinets.
Chairs next to the fridge and all over the kitchen.
Sippy cups half filled with water and half with milk.
More sippy cups in the fridge than we would ever use in a week.

These two sippy cups that are now in the sink were filled with milk and sitting back in the cabinets. We aren't quite sure how long- but at least an entire work day.
Oh- I forgot to mention the empty milk cartons.
I think I will never buy 1/2 gallons of milk again- even if they are on super sale.
The strangest thing is that she seems to be filling the cups half way with water before she puts in the milk. Maybe she watches me fill the cups with half juice and half water.

Then Cara won't drink the milk that her sister so kindly got for her- because instead of 2% or whole milk it is less than skim milk.