Friday, February 4, 2011

So totally different

I will admit my girls are a lot alike. Close sisters who look alike and like to play with the same things... I know finding the differences might be a stretch some days, but they are totally there.
My RyRy. My first born nugget. She has selective hearing. She only listens when it is convenient for her. Yes, I have had her hearing tested. She hears us talking just fine. When she gets upset she talks quieter. She tends to whisper a lot when she is sad. She doesn't make eye contact very much. Especially when there is a mirror around- because she ALWAYS wants to see herself in the mirror.
She plays well by herself and will entertain herself for hours. She is sneaky and quiet but she is usually not the girl who is up to no good. She doesn't do bad things on purpose. She knows who loves her and she loves them no matter what. She always obeys f
or Miss Mary, but not for Miss Mary's helpers. She LOVES ponies and puppies. If I can't get her to listen then I start to talk to the horse or the dog and she will respond.

Cara Kay thinks she is the center of the universe. She does not play well by herself, but is very particular in how you play with her. Basically she wants you to sit real close and watch her play and tell her how wonderful she is. She is my sugar addict. Ryann knows when to say no, Cara will eat and eat and eat candy and sweets until the end of time.
When Cara is upset she gets louder. She yells and screams and is not afraid to tell you NO and take a swipe at your face. She is never sneaky and it is very obvious when she is being naughty or doesn't want to do something. She is quick to say I love you and she is a mama's girl. Sometimes she will go to someone else, but when she realizes that means she is out of my arms, she is quickly climbing back to me.
She protests daycare almost daily, but the second she walks in the door she pulls out all the charm and wins her way into everyone's hearts. It is important to her that everyone loves her and wants her to be around.

My girls are totally different as seen in their crazy pictures... (ryann is looking in a mirror of course!) but that is just today.
Tomorrow they will be even more different still. They are their own selves and I will continue to support them and love them.

Let's see how similar they are to these personalities when they become teenagers.


Erin and Zach said...

i love them so much. i love how loud cara is. christmastime with you shushing her in the wee hours of the morning makes me smile. and ryry's little cute voice when she is juuust getting comfortable enough with auntie to talk to her :-)

I cannot wait to watch them grow up!

katie said...

It's been too long since I checked on you. Your girls have grown so much and are so beautiful! It is fun to get an update on their cute personalities.