Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scorpion Gulch

I thought my house was Scorpion Gulch... but I guess not. Someone else obviously took the name before I could snag it for my house.
After Scorpion Gulch I saw the ORIGINAL barbed wire fence. Serious stuff here- I would be more willing to climb through a barbed wire fence than this cactus one. Yikes.

Oh wait- I have climbed through barbed wire fences about 1.2 million times in order to walk across the field to get to the Frye's and the Taber's houses.
(old childhood friends and neighbors!)
But seriously- this one looks deadly.

I guess it had to be in order to keep all these horses in line.
These horses are awesome. I am thinking about taking Ryann on a horse ride next weekend for an early birthday present. Kids 2-6 ride with their parents so I would only have to "rent" one horse, and it is like $25 an hour... tempting... yes...

Anyone want to join us?
And the last picture... please do not be fooled. I did not drown in a well on my birthday.
Or else I would not be here to type this post.
And I am.
So I am safe.
Rest easy my friends.

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Erin and Zach said...

Can I join the horse riding?! Sounds like a sweet hike. I can't wait to visit someday...