Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Horse Shirt

Ryann and Cara got these cute shirts from Auntie Vickie and Grandma Mingo this weekend. Ryann wanted to wear her shirt immediately, but I made her wait.
After she put it on she wanted a picture of it.

After I took the picture she realized her arm, water bottle, and apple were in front of the horse.
She was devastated and made me take another picture. She had to put everything down and then focus really hard to keep her hands at her side. She also made Cara put her hands down at her side too. (Cara wouldn't give up her apple though!)
Now you can see the cute shirt- but it is another awkward family photo.
Love me my girls!


Erin and Zach said...

Oh my goodness!! TOO CUTE! hahahahaha

Victoria said...

I love it!!! I knew she would love the horsie shirt!

Heather said...

both times i've seen the title of this post I have to do a double take because it registers in my brain as "horse sh**" the 1st time i read it... just thought i'd share. it makes me laugh every time. :)