Saturday, August 20, 2011

Learning Our Letters

Sorry for the lack of posts. I don't think things could get much busier than the past couple weeks. Well, maybe... but I sure don't want to find out.

Here are the girls today. Obviously you can tell that clothes are optional on Saturdays.
They were having some fun at
Why are we busy? Let me see... here is the short list...
Listing our house on the market
Packing half of our house to make our house presentable
Switching to a new full time sitter/nanny for the girls
Trying to keep a house clean every day for showing the house
Steam cleaning and deep cleaning the house on our own
Work meetings
Hiking the mountain every morning
Rich working on getting a promotion... oh so close...
Laborlooks is booming
Teaching a young women's group
And I quit FARMVILLE! That really should have given me more time, but as you can see I found things to quickly replace it.

Oh- yes, and where are we moving? Not sure. We are planning on the same area, but hopefully a bigger place for less money. Can it be done? In this economy... YES!
***fingers crossed***


Kim and Chase said...

yayyyy thanks for posting! i almost died though when you said you were moving... don't scare me like that. you should move even closer to us, i'm sure rich would LOVE that. muhaha.

Kim and Chase said...

oh and i love your ryann's "recent funny things". she cracks me up!

Heather said...

yikes! we're hoping to upgrade our house in the next year or so and i SO DREAD the idea of it being on the market. i hope yours sells FAST-for your own sanity at least. GOOD LUCK!!!

Erin and Zach said...

I like those little bums!