Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Hike

I do believe for the past 4 years Rich and I have participated in our ward Easter Hike. We hike up telegraph pass. The only problem is that until this year, Rich has never made it to the top. One year I was pregnant and didn't want to finish the hike. Another year Ryann was too small and we didn't have a carrier for her. Another year we just didn't have enough time... but this year... WE MADE IT!
Even Pegasus made it... he spent most of the hike on my back in Ryann's backpack... that was too heavy for her to carry all the way.

There was some hand holding, and holding (of cara), and some coaching along the way, but the girls did wonderful. We had some help from some great friends as well. Here is Cara with her favorite person, Jason. Remember how much she loves Jason because he is cute and awesome???

Proof that we made it to the top.
I sure love my little family.
I also love this time of year in Arizona. I couldn't ask for better weather and the most glorious place to be able to exercise out doors for every day of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Jason is pretty cute that is for sure!!