Friday, April 27, 2012

Morning Pictures

Sometimes when the girls wake up really early in the morning... like today... I send them down the hall, farthest away from my bedroom, so they can go color. Ryann colored about 5 pages that she printed out from the computer (on her own) and then taped them up to her wall. 
 Look at how long Ryann's hair is getting! Time for a haircut from Auntie Devyn I think.
Whenever we do Cara's hair in just one ponytail we say we are doing her hair like "Addie."  We say it is Addie hair because Addie always has her hair in a back pony tail and my girls hardly ever wear their hair that way. 
 I am not sure what Cara was so excited about in this picture, but it just makes me laugh when I see it. 

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Erin and Zach said...

that picture is great! Cara looks cute in Addie hair too :)