Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Cara Kay

My little sweet baby girl is 3 today!  Wow. That went by in the blink of an eye. She is loud and stubborn and imaginative and not very sneaky. She loves watching TV and movies. Her favorites are Despicable Me, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and basically anything else Ryann forces her to watch. (Being the baby and not being able to work the remote control yet Cara usually watches whatever Ryann is watching since we don't have to turn on the TV for them anymore.)

Cara doesn't care to much what she wears every day. She did ask to wear her clothes that "wiggle" (as she shakes her hips) for her birthday party yesterday. I figured it out that she wanted to wear her hula girl outfit that Grandma and Grandpa Great got her for her birthday. Because hula girls wiggle their hips.  But usually she doesn't care what she wears. 

She hates getting her hair done and that often stops me from doing it, but I still insist most days. 

She weighs 25lbs and is 3 feet tall. She has strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and is working on her letters. She can count 1-10 in Spanish and usually to like 26 or 27 in English. She knows her colors and shapes and she loves candy... all kinds of candy, but plain chocolate is her favorite. 

Ryann and Cara really are best friends. They fight but more often they play. They scheme things up and when they get in trouble Cara squeals and protests, while Ryann usually just runs away or cries. Cara is good at sobbing on command. She hates to be alone so she usually requests that someone takes her potty when she has to go... just because she hates being alone!  She is perfectly capable of going and wiping, but she is always making excuses like, "I'm too little to get on the potty by myself."  This girl needs a baby in her family because then she would learn that she isn't "too little" to do anything. 

Immediately after we put her to bed she gets out of bed 2-4 times in order to go to the bathroom again. She takes an average of 30 minutes to eat her dinner each night. This is a huge improvement from the hour she was taking about 5 months ago. She would rather drink milk than eat, but we have started limiting her milk at dinner so that she will eat more. She is getting more adventurous in her eating habits. She likes mushrooms now and she eats a lot of spinach. Apples are probably her favorite food besides cereal and that girl can pound away the cereal. She will eat 4 or 5 bowls of corn pops or fruit loops or some other ridiculously unhealthy cereal in a sitting. Nothing she eats compares to the amount of cereal that she can throw down. 

And those pictures are some random ones from today. Today was a fabulous day and I am so happy that my sweet girl had such a great day.  Thank you everyone for making it so special.  Thank you to Grandma and Paca for the sweet book. We read it and I cried. 

Yeah so I am a little emotional today... Cara growing up and I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends who is moving away. How come grown ups have to move away? I thought that was something that only little kids had to deal with.  Boo on that. I am not a fan. 

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RoseRunner said...

Cara Kay isn't the baby anymore! She DOES need a baby in her family...wink wink nudge nudge hint hint. What a sweet little cereal pounder. Those girls are so lucky to have each other.