Friday, June 15, 2012

Hand Foot Mouth

Here are the close up pictures of Cara's Hand Foot Mouth disease. Here is the little report I found on the most reliable Wikipedia,_foot_and_mouth_disease
 So basically Cara has had no pain, itching a little bit for one day, and hasn't had any problems. I think she might have had a fever some time last week, but if so it was in the middle of the night and so mild that I blew it off to her covers being on top of her and when I took them off she was fine. 
Ryann hasn't gotten it and has no symptoms what so ever, so I think we are in the clear from being contagious now. I haven't talked to our sitter yet, but we will see if her kids get it or not. 

I have a feeling that Cara must have gotten this from someone at swim lessons?  I have really no idea. Either way it doesn't bother her... but it looks like it should!
 Chalk this one down to awesome childhood viruses.

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