Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 Year Reunion

I was my senior class president. 10 years ago.
Who made the rule that senior class president plans the class reunions?
Whoever did should be shot. I really wasn't thinking that I would live 2 states away, be married, have 2 kids, and that I would deliver 3 babies the day before my reunion. 
 With that being said I am so happy that I did it and that it came together. I had a wonderful group of people who worked with me and helped me with all the advertising, promoting, invitations, decorations, and everything else. 
 We had music and dancing and dinner. I made a super quick speech and I didn't have to entertain anyone the entire night. I was afraid that I would have to make introductions or have people talk about themselves, or something not so much fun. 

 I am also happy that I have a cute sister who let me wear her clothes so that I didn't have to worry about anything or even pack for the reunion!
 And a big shout out to my brother in law Jason who was our "bouncer" and collected all the money that was raised at the door.
What a fun night and I am happy to be stress free for the next 9 or so years until I have to think about this  one again. 

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