Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well Child Visits... sort of

I am a little behind on their well child visits. Ryann turned 5 in February and Cara turned 3 in April. Oh well. I took them in today and as soon as I walked into the waiting room I looked at Cara's face. I hadn't looked at her face when I picked her up from daycare because we were hustling and bustling around, but as soon as I looked at her face I took her to the sick child entrance. 

I figured out she had hand foot mouth disease. 

The past 2 days she was whinier than usual, but not that much. Then this morning she had an "owie" on her toe and an owie on her hand. But they were just slightly red. She has sensitive skin so I wasn't very concerned. 

But this afternoon she had about 3 blisters by her mouth and 2 on her chin, as I started searching they were all over her feet, legs, hands, and inside her mouth too. Sorry Cara!

The only reason I even thought that is what it was is because I have had one friend in Oklahoma post some pictures of her kids who had it, and then I have heard of some other friends local who have had it as well. 
 But I will post more details and pictures tomorrow.  For today I will celebrate my cuties. Cara is 26lbs and 36 inches. She is on her growth curve so we have no problems at all with this petite little lady.
My Ryann did phenomenal and she is 42lbs and 43 inches. Neither girl had to get shots so that was a wonderful surprise. Cara wouldn't have been too happy about that.

Over all Cara is doing remarkable well. We have put some benadryl cream on her blisters and I gave her some benadryl. She hasn't had very many complaints of pain as of yet though... so we will see how tomorrow goes. 


Erin and Zach said...

aaawww my cute girls. Poor cara kay :(

Carly said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! Hopefully it doesn't bother her... my kids never skipped a beat. The worst part about it is the quarantine, which is especially rough when you are trying to work. Hang in there!