Monday, January 25, 2010


No I don't need help with this cute girl- while she is getting into everything we need to start teaching her the word no. But how can you teach someone so cute the word "no?"
On another topic how about this face??
I need help trying to figure out what she is thinking... did she smell daddy toot? Is she shaking her booty?


Erin said...

She is shaking her booty for SURE!
That, or she's thinking, "ha ha Mommy, I am waayy too cute to get in trouble for anything! I can get into whatever I want."

OR! "I see you Auntie Erin and I miss you"...smoochie face"

ZWag said...

or she smelled auntie erin :)

Cathy said...

Ha Ha Ha!!

Erin said...

Zach, you shut your mouth or I will slap it

ZWag said...