Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sneaky Nugs took some markers out of the trash can and hid them in her room before her nap. And if you have been to our house any time in the past year you know it isn't hard to hide things in her room. :)
These weren't the washable crayola markers either. Fortunately they came out of the pillow case, the blanket, the PJs, and the sheets.
It was pretty easy to get it off her hands.
But how in the world did she get it on her back?
It sort of looks like a tattoo (below)
Her tummy on the other hand... we still haven't gotten it off.
But look how much fun she had.
Obviously I need to:
1. clean this girl's room.
2. remind her that markers are for paper only.
3. Convince her that doing something naughty doesn't mean you get a blog post....
4. Rethink number 3 because what is more important? well behaved children or an exciting blog?


Erin said...

At least she didn't take to the walls like a certain little sister we have in the library. Boy she definitely didn't get a blog post for that!!

She IS sneaky...

Shawn said...

Exciting blog post--way more important.

Cathy said...

Hey I think she sort of looks like her Auntie Ashley-- when you find a way to get the marker off her back let Ashley know!!!

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

Very funny Mom and yes... please let me know... and great blog post material.