Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just in case

Just in case you didn't think Ryann really likes to have TONS of toys with her. Here is a quick sample of the bath toys. Trust me- there were at least 20 more in the tub that she was about to line up.
After she lines them all up she knocks them down one by one into the tub. Sometimes saying, "OH NO!" as they fall.
These are her new favorite toys- Buzz and Woody. Gotta love toy story. Did you know we DO NOT own either of the toy story movies? Good thing Grandma Mingo does because we borrow it all the time.
And just for kicks and giggles here is my cute Cara Kay. Just chillin by the pool table looking for things to stick in her mouth.


Erin said...

hehehe. now I know what to get Ryann for her birthday ;)

I sometimes run out of things to post because really, how many different renditions of "oh my goodness they are so freakin cute" can one come up with?!


The Damron Doc said...

Love it...Cara is getting SO big!

Cathy said...

I never run out of things to say. Those girls are so freakin cute--oh my goodness!!!