Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silly Games

I chased Ryann around this morning trying to get a good picture of her in this cute stocking cap a co-worker made for us. I was unsuccessful but Ryann thought she was pretty clever. I however, realized that in this instance I was just one step ahead of her when I was able to get her picture in the mirror.
In 14 years I will not be one step ahead of her... ever... she will always be like 3 or 4 steps ahead of me. AAAK!
Enough of that... back to today.
Look at this pretend sad face below. She is practicing. For what? Daddy? (nope- daddy stands firm- mommy gives in)
Don't let that face fool you because if you look below you will see how much fun she really was having.
Happy Saturday! We are off to a birthday party. Pictures tomorrow I am sure.


Erin said...

aaaahhh she's SO CUTE! What a stinker. I bet you would give into that face. She would just have to smile for Auntie and she'd get whatever she wanted!

Cathy said...

That cracks me up--pouting and then cracking up--so Ryry and sooo cute!

Cathy said...

and that is such a great hat by the way!!