Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Hike

My wonderful cousin was kind enough to agree to go on a hike with me for my birthday.
In the past we have hiked camelback mountain. But since it was my birthday I wanted a hike we could get our heart rates up but still talk the entire hike.

We picked the Kiwanas and National trails at South Mountain.
There were these cool dam/bridge looking things that led to nothing. And they weren't holding anything back either. I tried to claim they were steps for giants, but Rob didn't really go for that.
We took a couple non-trail trails and tried to hike up as high as we could. Once we started to feel like we might get sun burned we decided that was the top and we turned around.
See that pretty trail??

We had fun. Thanks Rob for the hike and Rich for watching the girls while I left you guys on my birthday for like 3 hours.


Cathy said...

Great Pictures Brittani and how fun to get to hike with Rob so much!! I am glad that you had a fun birthday!! XOXOXO

Rob said...

Let's do it again and get to the non-sun-burned top!