Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got my eyeballs checked the other day. When I say eyeballs I got my vision and the splotches on my eyes check out.
I still have a pinguicula (or 4!!) and they aren't concerned that they are getting bigger. These are just the red and yellow spots on my eyes from sun damage. It is like what old people get... but I got as a little kid. Thanks dad for not making me wear sunglasses when I went snow skiing. Just kidding- it wasn't just from that :) and I think you did make me wear them, so I guess when I took them off it was just to look cool but really I was foolish.

I digress.

I also have 2 Nevi in my right eye? What? Jeans in your eye? No- not LEVI, but Nevi- I have 2 moles in my right eye. No biggie. Not cancer. Not abnormal (apparently it is normal to get moles in your eye- right big sister?)

And here is a creepy blurry picture of my dilated eyeball. Amazing.

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Erin and Zach said...

cute photo.

be grateful you don't have to spend a bajillion dollars on contacts and glasses...even if you have a couple little molleys