Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Time

I know that Auntie Devyn is out making a fire tonight.
I know that it is raining on Auntie Ashley and Auntie Katie.
I know that Auntie Erin is expecting showers towards the end of the week.
But here in Phoenix we pulled out our swim suits and fudgesicles.
Don't worry, we remembered to use sunscreen!


kate candland said...

wow that is the most adorable picture EVER! Makes me want to hop to AZ to bask in the sunshine with you and the kiddies! love it!

Jan said...

Oh my! Just too cute! One of the reasons why living in AZ is just awesome!

Kelly said...

My kids asked if we could move to Arizona last night...oh how I wish we could!
I miss the sunshine!! I love that you post so many pictures on your blog. Your family should be SO thankful!

Cathy said...

So cute, Brittani!! Thanks for the reminder that it is raining outside--ha ha ha!!