Sunday, May 1, 2011

Progression of a birthday cake

I decided last minute to make a rainbow birthday cake for Cara Kay.
I found the idea on Omnomicon

Mine was not quite as pretty as hers. I want to know how many times she had to make it in order for it to turn out so fancy.

So here, I present....(drumroll)... the progression of a RAINBOW birthday cake.

The batter:
The 4 layers (so i missed the middle step in pictures!) with the frosting:
The collapse:
The blowing out of the candle (with a child's head strategically placed to hid the back side from my camera):
Enjoying the cake:
Failure or not, this cake was delicious and fun for the girls.

Maybe next time I will stick to something simple.
Like 2 layers.
Or better yet,


Erin and Zach said...

nice work britti. It's a good thing little kids don't know any better (i kid, i kid). but really, how awesome are you to make your baby a rainbow cake? i wish i could've been there!! love you

Heather said...

LOVE THIS! i'm totally going to try it for jenna's birthday! and i checked out her blog-her word choice cracked me up! thanks for sharing! :)

The Foys said...

That. IS. AWESOME. I think I need to copy you and try that... four layers and all!