Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing Husband

Saturday and last night I had a missing husband. Don't worry though- I was more than willing to have him missing for his Mothers/Birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas gift for his mother.

(jk! But seriously it was/is a large amount of work)

He always has these crazy ideas of how to take care of his mom and make her life easier. Unfortunately it almost always involves money, time, grandious plans and often is a huge hassel for his mom... until the project is complete at the end. And even then sometimes she has a lot of work afterwards... Basically for every 3 good ideas he has a bad idea. I thought this project was going to be one of the bad ideas- but we will see.

Good idea:

1. He built her planter boxes for a garden.
2. He built shelves for her garage.
3. He replaced her side gate.

Bad idea:
He once built her a pond. To this day the filter and pump still don't work right. It is full of leaves and all the fish have died. Thankfully it isn't infested with fungus or bugs, but it is a great attraction for little granddaughters to scare their grandma by getting too close.
Here is a picture of Rich mudding the new ceiling.

Good idea:
1. He installed our old microwave into her house
2. He redid (as in cut and sanded and stained) some of her cabinets so a new and working stove could be installed
3. He was smart enough to snag a semi-new washer and dryer (front loaders!) and installed them for her- save money, noise reduction, and time.

Bad idea:
He parked his sailboat in her side yard which ended up being called about to the city- then she had to redo her side yard in order to make it boat legal so that it could stay on her property... time and money and work!
Here is Chris and Lee who helped raise the ceiling- It used to be low- where the paint line is.

Good idea:
1. Repaired her garage door
2. Replaced toilets and sinks in her bathroom
3. Replaced plumbing in the shower

Bad idea:
He often goes up and does yard work, ALMOST finishes it, but then she is required to haul it all out to the street for bulk pickup. I think this happens at least once a year. She always ends up getting scratched by the bushes, eaten by ants, and I think once or twice she has been poked in the eye by falling branches.

Still a work in progress, but he installed all the new lights, with wiring and duct work for the AC and everything.

Good idea:
1. Repaired the roof on her back porch
2. Encouraged her to get a cell phone! (She still hasn't learned how to text)
3. Cut down a huge rotting tree in the front yard

Bad idea:
Well, this could turn out to be good... but raising her ceiling so her house feels bigger, she has better lighting, and helps to connect the house. The bad part comes that it is not finishes (almost a week), the house is a mess, there is a fine layer of dust all over the house, and this project will then lead to her painting the walls, the cabinets, and redoing some more home remodel.

Future projects:
Rich wants to know if anyone has input on his future project, should it be:
1. Installing a fireplace
2. Building a pool
3. Front lights on patio
4. Retile shower
5. Fix the back porch

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Erin and Zach said...

what a sweetheart. you know what they say about men who love there mamas!