Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day at the Lake

On Friday we went to Lake Berryessa. I grew up on this lake. I remember the boat dying, I remember the car dying, I remember losing hats, glasses, food, and even the time my little brother pooped in the lake.

Lots and lots of good memories of sun-in, sun burns, dehydration, the ski-bob, and more.

This time was much more fun. I loved watching my cute girls play.
Here is Cara helping Addie work on her tan.
Cara is trying to drive the boat- don't look too close or else you will see boogers in her nose.
Ryann wore this cute life jacket with the buckle underneath- remember those? Yeah, hated them, but oh so handy if you are a mom and want to make sure your child stays in their life jacket.
Me and the hubby. We both wakeboarded and it reminded me of how little I use those muscles now.
His sunburn is from the Giant's game a couple days before. We both kept out of the sun and tried hard to keep on top of the re-application of the sunscreen.

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Cathy said...

Want some hot chocolate Ryann???