Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have had a rough couple days and nights with these girls... I sure love them but let me give you a run down of what happened this morning.

3:08am- I wake up to giggles and laughing
3:09am- I walk into the girls room, Cara is lying in Ryann's bed and they are reading a book. All of the toys are scattered around the room. Obviously they have been playing for awhile. Cute, yes, but at 3:09am not so much.
3:09-3:12am- I proceed to scold, put girls back to bed, ignore pleas for drinks, snacks, and treats. Then I trip over the blankets they pulled out of the hall closet and finally I get back to bed.
5:20am- wake up to go hiking. Their room is quiet and the door is shut.
6:15am- Rich wakes up to girls laughing and squealing and he finds them in the bathroom with toothpaste all over the bathroom, toilet, hands, faces, and legs.
6:30am- home from hiking I walk into their room and I find shredded cheese scattered all over their floor. They had snagged a bag during the middle of the night from the fridge and consumed the entire thing- besides the pieces all over their beds and floors.
7:25am- Ryann steps on a hairball from the kitty. She then proceeds to walk around the house to try and show me the icky brown stuff on the bottom of her foot.
I can go on, but let me just say- them passing out in their beds tonight was like a little miracle to my soul. And sanity.

Love them, but I am ready for a vacation.


Erin and Zach said...

is it horrible that i just want to laugh? i mean, kinda is amazing what two sisters can do to get into trouble!


Megan said...

What is funny is that I remember when Jessica and Emily woke up in the middle of the night and tried to make their own chocolate milk. They couldn't find the Quick but they found the unsweetened coco powder. It was all over the kitchen and family room. They didn't understand why their chocolate milk didn't taste very good so they kept adding more! Not the best night. Oh and Emily did get into our shredded cheese but she didn't eat it. She just spread it all over the floor. Kids are pretty funny. It isn't in the moment but when you think about it later it is pretty funny.