Saturday, July 30, 2011

San Francisco: Missing Photos

I thought I had posted all my pictures from California. I forgot about the ones that my mom took while we were driving through San Francisco. Here is one of us driving on the golden gate bridge. We had plans to ride our bikes across it, but we ran out of time!
I had so much fun driving down Lombard Street. Seriously it was so much fun.
Last year my brother in law and I tried to drive down it, but the line of cars was soooo long.
Yes, my car windows really needed to be cleaned.
And proof that I actually was the one who drove down it.
Does anyone know why we wear huge sunglasses?
For me it was recommended by my opthamologist... I have very sensitive eyes and a lot of sun damage (no vision changes) but the sun is causing some problems to my eyes. She recommended that I wear large glasses to keep out as much sun as possible.
So when I am 85 I will be that lady with the huge glasses.
But for now I will thank Paris Hilton for making bug eye sunglasses in style (for a little while at least)


Kristy Swenson said...

You are so good with blogging! How are you doing? When did you visit S.F? I was just there in June. I've only rode down Lombard Street, never drove it! :)

Heather said...

that's interesting (about your eyes). my mom's got some eye damage from too much sun-exposure too. must be a wagner thing. :)

Erin and Zach said...

totally a wagner thing!

ahhh lombard...