Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridge Lock?

So Harry Potter was amazing. I cried. Not bawled and blow your nose cry, but the wipe away a few tears cry.

Loved it.

Now, back to the nuggets.

First night- cheese and toothpaste

Second night- Ate a package of plain hamburger buns, about 6 total. Crumbs everywhere.

Last night- 8 hard boiled eggs. Imagine little pieces of shells and egg scattered across the floor, beds, and blankets. They only ate a grand total of like 3 of the 8 eggs, but the rest had big chunks taken out and scattered all over the floor.

Anyone know about a lock for a fridge?

Or do I just lock the girls in their room?

Ay ay ay

I need a vacation.


Heather said...

oh my gosh. this is hilarious but not. i hope this craziness ends soon!!

Victoria said...

Mom and Dad had to turn the lock on Lee's room when we lived in Concord because he would leave the should really lock them in their room :)

john:and:aim said...

turn the door handle around and lock 'em in!!!