Saturday, October 29, 2011

4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

For the past several years we have been carving pumpkins with friends. Year after year as our children get bigger and bigger we start lowering our standards. 2 years ago there was a princess castle. An ELABORATE princess castle with toothpicks to hold things in perfect spots.

Then last year we still had some very intense pumpkins:

And now we are getting older and wiser and realizing that the kids don't really care too much what happens with the pumpkins, so the patterns are easier and easier.

This year we even had a battery operated pumpkin carving knife.

My favorite pumpkin was the 3 hands, a sweet and simple outline of the family that grew from last years party till now. (The just told me that last year at our party was the day they found out they were pregnant!!!)
I also love our friend Tom and his "typical pumpkin"
Compare last year to this year:

There seems to be a theme of pumpkin parts coming out of the actual pumpkin.

And here are the pumpkins that we put together.
Rich likes circle noses for some reason.
Do you notice Ryann wrote her ABC's on our pumpkin?
I guess it is a smart pumpkin.
Cara just colored on this guy, Rich says it is his Picasso pumpkin
What? No pictures of the girls?
That's right folks. Save that for another day!


Kim said...

Aw shucks, thanks! Now if only chase didn't get lazy and cleaned out our pumpkin better...

Kristen Kohler said...

Good times!!!!!! :)