Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Shower Wrap Up

Some of the finishing touches- look at this cute bow that I made?? Yes, very much in love with this cute little one that little Hazel will wear.And here are the picture frame bow holders I made. They are totally loaded with clips now, but this was just the first batch of bows that I put on. Do you see the multi colored bow at the top on the right frame? Yup, that is her "tie dye" bow... some of you may know that Devyn was in charge of the tie dye at summer camp this year and has about 20 tie dye onesies.
The cupcakes were delicious! (thanks Patti and Jamie!) I ate 4 on Saturday and 1 1/2 on Sunday. No Joke. I had to stop because they were gone.
And the crepes were from Me Crepes at the Alpine Village in Provo, Utah. So delicious and so filling! I was surprised that I could even eat a cupcake after finishing it. (thanks mommy!)
Well Baby Hazel, you sure are loved. I can't wait to meet you and hopefully be there to gently help you out into the world. A true gift would be that I would be there to love and support and encourage your mommy during one of the most amazing times of her life. I wasn't able to be there for your other aunties so please help me out and let me shower you with kisses during those first few moments of your life. I am so amazed with how much love I hold in my heart for you already. What a great joy it is to be an aunt and watch your mommy grow with love and excitement as her body changes, molds, and shapes to hold you perfectly inside of her.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet daughter for the love that you have for your family. Seemed like a perfect shower!! Fun pictures!!

Devyn Pickett said...

(as i am crying)thank you britti. i really hope you can be there because i know you really already do love little hazel.. you are so sweet and so awesome I LOVE YOU

Kim said...

I love the picture frame bow holders! So cute and creative! Has someone been pinteresting?.... :)