Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Day Later

We recovered from the carving party. I think my kitchen floor saw the worst of it since we carved the pumpkins on $1 store tablecloths. Super cheap and quick clean up! We just threw it all away.
Here was our group picture. Who leaves a chair in the front of a picture? Obviously we do.
Rich was proud of his Ryann's pumpkin.
Cara was happy eating her 2 donuts and finally a cupcake.

Ryann coloring her pumpkin before we carved it, but after I had scraped the pumpkin guts out.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of some real artists at work but the real artist of the year was Ashley MacKay!! DID you see her pumpkin??

Kasey said...

We are trying not to be offended that we weren't invited. (hehehehehe).