Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner Monster

My little Monster Cara... can you tell why we have a hard time getting them to eat? They were doing this little dance before i took out the camera and I just had to laugh or else I would cry in frustration.

How can someone cry with such cute little nuggets?


RoseRunner said...

oh my....this is very, very similar to the home videos of me and my older sis at this age. We even quote me and my lispy, "Can I SHEEE?" to this day.

Hows the conference going!? How do kids not love dinner, it is the BEST, they will learn when they grow up. Dinner rocks.

Last...Beyonce fake baby bump....I think I missed that story. Is it true? what a strange thing to flaunt.

Anonymous said...

Okay Rich --first of all that is not a towel but I guess you were quick to act and second of all --who taught Cara the bummy dance?? Ha Ha -- I love the video--- their t-shirts are also so cute!! XOXO