Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Sneak Peak

Here I caught Cara after dressing her in her Supergirl costume. Then I realized I wanted a better picture of her with Ryann.
Even though at the time Ryann was being a little nugget and bugging me.

So then I get them together and both won't stop looking at the full length mirror we have.
I did a lot of snapping and "woohoo"s to get them to look at me.
It finally worked. Sort of. But then I realized Cara wasn't smiling and both girls' hair was a mess.
Then I told myself this is the preview as in dress rehearsal for Halloween.
Deep breath.
So then I tell Cara to raise her arms up high because I want to take a picture of her pretending to fly like supergirl.
Remember how Ryann was bugging me and being a nugget?
Yup, she decided to be the mermaid who would SWIM right in front of the camera.
Boy was she proud of herself (while looking in the mirror the whole time) for being so clever.
Finally I shooed Ryann off and got a blurry, not good lighting with my broken camera, picture of Cara pretending to fly.

The end.

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RoseRunner said...

this narrative is absolutely hilarious. And adorable. Cara's outfit is super (pun intended)