Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

What do you do with your old gingerbread houses?
I remember growing up my mom always made fresh gingerbread and real icing you could eat and we always had brand new candy to decorate. (maybe I am imagining this, but I believe that is the way it was)

Now there are kits. Kits that expire and you buy the day after Christmas to use for the next year.
Yes, I am guilty of this.
So we had new gingerbread men that we could frost and eat, but the house itself was old and hard as a brick.
That didn't stop Ryann and Grandma Mingo from decorating their hearts out.

I think it will be in the trash tomorrow.

And seriously, I don't think Ryann will notice it is gone with all of her other toys lying around.

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