Friday, December 23, 2011

See you soon Hazel

I am about to cry my eyes out. I already know it. We are all packed and ready to go make our 12 hour drive back home to Phoenix and I am just waiting to kiss my sweet sister and her precious baby goodbye. I can't stand it.
I think Devyn felt like she was in pretty safe hands. My dad (OBGYN) was there, her sister who is a labor and delivery nurse and me who is a midwife. Seriously we have this birthing thing down pat. (haha!) I love the fact that we all come from different places to bring such diversity to the way we deal with pregnancy, labor, birth, and breast feeding. I think I will have to break that down in a post someday, to just talk about how we all bring something different to the table.
Ryann wants to know when we are coming back to see Hazel.

Isn't she perfect? I am going to be sooo sad on my drive home. Hopefully I will start thinking about Christmas in just 2 days and get happy again!


Kelly said...

Love this....I love that you made it for the birth. Devyn is so lucky to have so many family members to give her to best care. There is nothing better than a baby...and so much fun right before Christmas!! Congrats on being an aunt again! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Brittani -- you were and are so totally awesome. Great to see the incredible love that you have for your sister and what you do!! XOXO