Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Train

I was lucky enough to get my Christmas present early!!
My sister in law Katie surprised me with family tickets to ride on the Santa Train in the beautiful Napa Valley.
We had to take pictures with every character that was on the train.
I tried to have the girls wear matching clothes, but Auntie Ashley busted out a horse dress for Ryann and thoughts of matching clothes were shot. Ryann wasn't about to take off this dress for anything!
It sort of looks like Cara is flipping us off, or trying to pick her nose.... I am sure it is one of those two things. You decide which. Either way both girls were happy with their messy candy cane faces.
Worst picture of my girls, but cute picture of Auntie Katie.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so cute-- can you come back for a few more days. We have more projects for Rich and I dont think we have enough arms to hold this little one!! JK--but we do miss you bad!! XOXO