Friday, December 9, 2011

Temple Lights

Cara seriously ruined every picture from the temple lights tonight.
Not enough that I won't post them... because I am notorious for posting horrible pictures of my children.

Ryann, mommy, and Cara. Seriously Cara! What kind of face is that?
And doesn't Ryann look so grown up?
Next picture is just Cara and me. Why the cookie in the face? That cookie will make your whole face red for the rest of the night. Ugh. By the way, we let the kids pick out whatever warm clothes they wanted. Cara really wanted this long knitted hat, purple sweater, and penguin scarf.
Cara and Daddy. I kind of knew this picture would turn out horrible. Cara has some weird anti-father phase. She really isn't a fan of her daddy. We are working on this though. Maybe planning some daddy daughter dates. Any ideas for this one?
After Rich let her go she said, "I want a picture by myself!!!" So we had to let her and she just smiled her little heart out.

Best picture of the night was silly Ryann and her daddy. This girl loves her daddy big time and she will love him even more when she wakes up Christmas morning and finds what he made for her.

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