Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy Busy

I knew that life would get busy really fast when I started delivering babies again. And boy has it!!

Last night I was called to the hospital around 9. Bunch of different things happened and I didn't get home until 2am. I did get a 1 hour nap at the hospital. Then I got home and slept, but the girls woke up early which made Rich mad, so then I woke up because I was mad at him for getting mad.

Then I fell back asleep with both girls at my sides. Then I woke them up and kicked them out of bed. Then I woke up for real at 6:45.

Then I went to work. Then after work I went straight to the hospital and after all was said and done I ended up at home around 7:30. I put the girls to bed and I have been working on stuff for my class reunion. Then The girls are still awake so I have had to threaten back and forth with them to get them to fall asleep.

And I knew I would have to blog all this so I remember how crazy I am for loving what I do so much that I keep doing it!!

Now I am off to pack my bag to leave for California tomorrow. And I have another one in labor. Could this make 3 in 1 day??

Here are my plans for Napa:
Kiss Hazel, hold Hazel, make Hazel laugh
Hug Zachy and talk his ear off
Get my hair done
Make cupcakes for my reunion
Figure out decorations for my reunion
Finish my playlist on my ipod for my reunion
Find something to wear
Spend time with my family
Get Dean his birthday present
Talk with my dad about birthy stuff
Visit Ashley at work
Take pictures, lots of them
Housewarming party for Cory and Katie
Go to reunion
Laugh about how stressed I got for planning a reunion because it really wasn't bad

and I will let you know if there are more in my short 48 hours there.

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