Saturday, August 29, 2009

4 Months Old

Yes, CK is 4 months old. On this special day we wanted to give Uncle Zach a present.
It is especially for him now that he is grown up and at college. We hope you enjoy it Zachy!
.CK thought that video was hilarious. She is still laughing.


Erin said...

that's gross. hahahaha Zach

Shawnie said...

Now THAT'S funny!

Just had a fun time talking to your mom at Nicole's baby shower. She misses you and loves these pictures.

Deters said...

NICE! ;)

Cathy said...

She is so lucky that she only smiled when you said Grandma!! Ha ha Uncle Zach!! Shawn is right I love these pictures!!

ZWag said...

wow! she was probably thinking or Rich when she spit up

Courtney said...

Hahhaha, that just made me giggle! She is darling!