Saturday, August 22, 2009

computer crash

I am sure I have blogged about my computer crashing at least twice since I have been blogging. Well, guess what? yup- you guessed it. Our computer crashed again. Stinks. No pictures to post today.
All I want to say is that I am homesick. I need to find a time to go visit them. My parents are up in Utah right now with my little brother Zach and I really feeling I want to be there. So sad. My sister Erin is coming to visit soon though and Ashley was just here last weekend so I shouldn't feel this way. But I do.


Cathy said...

We forever miss you too, Britti and the gang!! And now another highlight that you need to be missing and you haven't even been here yet--Katie and Mitch and Bryn and Lukas' home. You will so love them and their humble(I add that for Mitch's sake!) abode!!!

{april kennedy} said...

I remember being in Delaware and my whole entire family being in Napa. I would call on holidays and hear them all partying. I know your pain. I'm sorry.

Heather said...

I"m sorry Brittani! I can sympathize too. No one is quite the same as Mom and Dad.

By the way, you need to get Mac!