Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Daycare

Well, it technically isn't Nug's first day with Miss Mary, but her first day back. I tried to get a picture before I dropped her off, but she wasn't cooperating. I also try to get her to sing her ABC's for the camera- but that was a no go as well.
CK looks excited to go- right? I had a cute brown headband in her hair that was oh so cute.
Miss Mary said both girls did well, but Nugs had a hard time remembering not to push. How come that is so hard to remember? I mean not like she has a lot to remember. Remember to eat, pee in the potty, take a nap, play, poop on the potty, not hit, share... ok nevermind, She has a lot to remember.
She did color a pretty yellow alligator today too. I am so proud.

And this video clip is my first attempt at trying to get Nugs to sing her ABC's for the camera. It is hysterical when she sings them. Ashley and Ron can attest to that.
Maybe tomorrow she will sing her ABC's for me.


Mamawags said...

hahaha!! she is pretty funny. I love when she puts the remote in your face....

Victoria said...

Aww...I wish I could just quit school and be their nanny forever