Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rolls of Fun

I promise this little girl isn't fat...but I am just loving the rolls I can make when I curl her up. I compared her to a future boyfriend the other day (Easton!) and he is at least 7 lbs heavier and he doesn't have rolls because he has too much fat it is like big pillows and his skin is stretched out. Fat babies are sooo adorable. Easton is totally cute without the rolls- but CK's rolls crack me up.
FYI- I am watching the office in the background. LOVE IT!


Kristen said...

oh my gosh, that is the cutest picture!!! i love the rolls too!

Kathy said...

Your girls are adorable. I'm so glad to find your blog!!

The Damron Doc said...

That picture is the best! I love her face...Seriously mom! LOVE IT!

Erin said...

tee hehe