Monday, August 24, 2009

I Promise

I promise I have been trying to get her to sing her ABC's. I promise not a day goes past where I haven't tried. I promise she can sing them. I promise she thinks it is hilarious to not sing them. I promise I will get this on camera if it takes another 3 years. I promise I won't post too many more movie clips of failed ABC attempts. I promise there might be a couple more because my sisters have watched the first video at least 10 times. I promise Rich finds it hysterical to watch me chase her around the house trying to get her to sing them. I promise CK might sing them before Nugs because I sing them so much. I promise I am done now.


Erin said...

YUP! Definitely watched 8 times already.
NO no...awww man she's dang cute. I hope she at least sings them for me when I come in 2 weeks!

Cathy said...

ok if you say Grandma wants one more time I am going to come down their myself and make you stop!! She is going to hate Grandma for wanting her to sing--how bout you say Auntie or something!!! LOL She really is cute with her NNNNNooooo!